Fabulous Sinks & Taps...
Where form meets function

Winchmore Studio supply and fit sinks & taps from a broad range of companies, to ensure our clients have a fabulous choice of styles, designs and finishes, our kitchen accessory suppliers include:







Perrin & Rowe

The combination of sink and taps in a kitchen makes all the difference to the visual appearance of the overall design. The choice can also be influenced by the way you use your kitchen. Winchmore Studio can provide you with expert guidance and offer an extensive range of solutions to suit all needs and budgets.

We want to help you to achieve the result you deserve. We do this by discussing your requirements, finding out about your lifestyle and helping you to make an informed decision, choosing an accessory range, to make intelligent use of the available space, blending gorgeous styling with unrelenting attention to detail and some amazingly clever ideas.